Is my mind still meatless?

The answer to the title of this post is; sort of!

Which is fitting, considering the name of this blog.

I’ve been eating meat about twice a week, and the rest of the time I’ve been living the pescatarian way of life. I’ve made two amazing dishes since my last post; vegetarian meatballs, made primarily from rolled oats & mushrooms; also a potato, egg and mushroom curry.

I haven’t posted any of them on here because my smartphone died (which is how I upload my photos) and I’ve been living with a 99p replacement I bought from the EE store, while I wait for mine to be fixed.

No photos, no recipe is my motto!

But don’t worry, I’ll definitely be eating more food in the future, so I’ll post those recipes then.

Although I started this blog to record my 30 day pescatarian challenge, I’m now going to use it for all things related to food, health and fitness:

  • Meat or no meat?
  • Gym or no gym?
  • What the hell is Tofu made from?
  • Why don’t Brannigans sell their crisps in multi-packs?

These are the types of mind-boggling questions I’ll be looking into. I bet you can’t wait, ay?

I also signed up for the Great South Run, and instantly got struck down with the flu.

Sign or no sign?







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