Day 17

Went to buy some stuff for a sandwich on my lunch break; didn’t fancy cheese or Quorn slices.                                                                                   004352

Well that’s me screwed I thought.

So, after completing a few laps of Tescos – and with time running out –  I admitted defeat and went to the holy grail of vegetarian food – the Quorn Isle!

Sure enough, I found something to pop into a sandwich. Staring back at me were; meat free turkey slices and meat free beef slices and meat free chicken slices and meat free bacon slices.

I chose the meat free turkey slices, don’t know why they’ve got the work turkey in them, if you’re not eating meat then why would you want a mock-meat-product; just call them meat free slices, although it doesn’t sound as appealing.

The slices are really low in fat and high in protein. They taste okay, but very, very dry – so you’ll need a nice wedge of salad on top.

Should have gone with the cheese!


Anyway, it got me thinking about the range of ‘slices’ available – below is what I’ve found:

  • Meat free chicken tikka
  •  Chorizo style slices
  • Meat free garlic sausage
  • Meat free peppered beef slices
  • Pepperoni style slices
  • Meat free roast chicken fillets
  • Wafer thin style chicken, ham, turkey and beef

Loads to choose from. The pepperoni and chorizo style slices are really nice, and would be perfect for homemade pizzas; I’m going to try as many of them as I can before this pescatarian challenge is over.



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