Day 13

Today I did something I hardly ever do. Wait for it…                                                                                                          20140722_152925

I ate a  frozen fishcake on my lunch break.

Mainly because it was the only thing in the house, and consequently I suffered with indigestion for the rest of the day.  I completely forgot about indigestion. I was suffering with it on a regular basis before I started this pescatarian challenge, and this is the first time I’ve had a bout since.

I don’t think it’s the meat that caused the indigestion, but since I stopped eating it, I’ve felt a lot healthier in general. This pescatarian challenge has forced me to stop and think about what I eat (except for the fishcake incident), and it’s this – plus the fact that I’ve changed my habit of slamming food down faster than a hungry pig – that’s saved me reaching for the Gaviscon on a regular basis.

Talking way to much about indigestion today!

I’ll put it down to working in 33 degrees of heat all day, with only a crappy little fan for company.

Are you asleep yet? I am!






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