Day 12

Nothing much has happened to write about in the last three days . So I didn’t.

Made a Quorn Chilli to take to work, had a aubergine kung chuchee from Koh Thai Tapas – which was amazing – and apart from that I’ve stuck to fish and rice.

Rock on!

What I really love about this challenge is that I’m trying a wide range of food. When I was eating meat I’d always, no matter what cuisine  – Indian, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Turkish – choose a chicken dish. So, I’d never have tasted the aubergine dish if I wasn’t doing this pescatarian challenge. I think it’s because I know chicken dishes are pretty substantial and leave me feeling full, and would have worried that the ‘new’ dish wouldn’t be enough.

What a rubbish outlook. This is one way I’ve reset the way I think about food. If I do go back to eating meat, I’ll never resort back to that ‘auto-feed’ mode – that’s for sure.

When I started this pescatarian challenge, I was aware that so many vegetarian/pescatarian dishes use cheese as the main ingredient. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of eating too much cheese, so – much – so that I’ve hardly had any.

So, today I’ve decided to make a dish that my mum makes to perfection. A quick phone call for the recipe, and here it is;  just like mama used to make!

Cheese & Onion Quiche                                                                                                                                                                                                         20140721_205522

– 2 medium onions

– 6 oz cheese

– 3 eggs

– 200 ml milk

– 2 tsps mustard

– 1 slice of bread (grate to breadcrumbs)

– salt & pepper (to taste)


Roll out the pastry and line the flan dish. Cook for 5 mins in the oven.

First chop the onion, cheese and put into food processor. Then add the milk, eggs, mustard and salt/pepper (mix until smooth)

Add to the flan dish, and bake in the oven at 180 degrees or gas mark 4 until mixture is golden brown (about 40 – 45 mins)


Yes, it’s a lot of cheese, so don’t make it often. And definitely don’t eat it all in one goddam sitting (beware you will want to), in fact it’s so tasty, even Kristina gave it her seal of approval, and trust me that’s rare!







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