Why I’m going to be a Pescatarian for a bit.

‘Why cut something you love out of your life?’ people may say.

I love eating meat, or at least I think I do. The thing is, how can I know for sure unless I refrain from eating it for a while.

My diet has always mainly consisted of meat. My Dad is a Vegetarian, so I grew up eating quite a bit of veggie food, but usually alongside a bit of chicken or lamb.  The truth is that now it’s become a convenience thing, my wife eats meat so instead of going through the trouble of making two meals, I make one!

The reason I’m not going to become a ‘proper Vegetarian’  is because I’m forever saying that I want to eat more fish – but always choose chicken, pork, beef instead – so I’ve decided to become a pescatarian for a month. The internet is full of conflicting scientific studies, one says meat provides essential nutrition, the other decides a Vegan diet drastically regenerates cells – all of which will result in a STRONGER YOU.

I don’t think anyone really knows!

So, I’m doing my own little experiment. I’m going to turn my back on chicken, pork, lamb and beef (you get the idea) for a month, or maybe more (who knows)

I’m interested to see:

  • If I feel better or worse
  • How it affects my blood pressure
  • What it does to my cholesterol levels
  • Any change in energy levels
  • If I enjoy cooking with new foods

I’m also going to use this blog as a way to keep me on track on a daily basis, and perhaps inspire others who are doing the same sort of thing. If anyone has any tips/recipes, I’d welcome any help.

Hope you enjoy.


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