Day One

So, today I went to source some tasty ingredients for my quest. I decided on loads of Vegetables, a few treats from the Vegetarian section – Quorn Burgers, Quorn Sausages and a pack of Cauldron Falafels.

I also remembered an episode of Food Unwrapped, in which they took two frozen fillets and two fresh fillets, and by using an industry standard testing system – the Torry Scale, used to indicate freshness of seafood – put them head to head. On both occasions the frozen fish measured higher with scores of 8 & 8.5.  With this in mind  I quickly invested in some salmon and cod, frozen of course! The only other difference from our usual shop was that only £9.50 was spent on meat (for Kristina) instead of the usual £25.

It’s starting to get crazy up in here!

I then trotted of to the library where I borrowed Veggie Dishes  for some inspiration and Jamie’s Italy because I’ve just returned from  10 days in Rome/Naples, and I’m inspired to try and make the best pasta sauce EVER…!

In the evening I went to watch the football at a mates house, which usually consists of a chicken kebab and chips. Of course, no deviation of this plan could be negotiated, so I had two choices on the menu:

veggie burger or falafel wrap!

I opted with the falafel, but was immediately faced with a problem.   The cost of the wrap was £3 less than a chicken kebab, and after some discussion with ‘the lads’ it was decided I’d better get two, you know, just to rule out any disappointment of portion size! Turns out it was ample size and tasted good. So with only one wrap needed, it means I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with all future falafel orders!

Bonus, right?






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